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14 April 2015 @ 01:35 am

T R A N S C E N D E N T // P A S S I O N

<3This journal will be the place where I write drabbles, and show-off my art//graphics of my OTPs, which is obviously Maki//Yamapi. And I'm TOTALLY HORIKITA MAKI BIASED.
Seriously, feel free to Friend me anytime. I love meeting new people, because frankly, I'm just that nice of a person. Though, do comment and tell me about yourself here, so I know who's who. ^_^;

22 July 2011 @ 12:49 pm
Rant: Asian idols and their fans

Warning: There may be things I say here that could seem off as obnoxious, demeaning, absurd, incorrect/wrong or just doesn't make sense. Try to correct, defend or speak your own opinions if you wish but this is my opinion and rant. Please no flaming or wars in the comment section. Constructive criticisms and polite oppositions only please.

Also if this offends you in anyway, I’m sorry to the FRIENDS I know online and in real-life and to those who understand. But to those certain shallow people, well then, blah!

In which Asian idols are human too...Collapse )

Also, it's been a freakin' long time since I last updated and I come back with a rant. Haha. I'm sorry. I miss you all, F-LIST. <3
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13 August 2010 @ 01:09 pm
So, anyone in the U.S. going to SMTown to go see SNSD, ShiNee, Super Junior, Formally known as DBSK members Yunho and Changmin? And a bunch of other people I don't know and really care about? Well i am!! The boyfriend is dragging me along to go see his precious SNSD girls (and a big meetup which he oh so volunteered himself to help out. The things I do for love, really).

We got floor seats!! Soshified event too. Anyone here part of Soshiefied? My BF is part of the subbing group, but aside from that, YAY!! Shinee and Suju and 9 girls who I get tired of hearing of sometimes. LOL.

I can't wait for the L.A. trip because come one, pretty korean guys to drool over (oh and my boyfriend to drool over too).

So, if you're gonna be there, let me know!! Totally have to meet up!

Anyway, aside from that, anyone recently seen Inception yet? Epic right?

And who didn't fall in love with Arthur? Sexy man he was. And of course, the new couple that tops even Kurosaki and Tsurara (for now I guess) is Arthur and Ariadne. Or Joseph and Ellen.

ArtAri? JoEllen? Yeah, I miss those namesquishes oh so funny.

So if you ship them, please reccomend anyone who writes these two. I just had a writers spree and spat out a 2400 word one-shot. Go read if you want. Review here or review over there. Because it's been a while right?

And just because I miss the old days...

Title: étude
Genre: Romance/General
Pairing: Arthur/Ariadne
Rating: PG+
words: 2,403

He was the Point man and she was the Architect. Nothing more, nothing less. A few vignettes of how these two interact with each other, before, during and after the job is finished. Maybe some AU later on. Ariadne/Arthur

Yes, I know, I stole that title from SNSD's genie album. Get over it. Blame the BF.

Also, I miss my favorite people here. I miss catslove17, missiemae, aabass89 and all the usual who used to come and read my pointless posts. I love you guys and will never forget any of you even though I tend to forget important birthday dates here and there...>_>; But remember, Yamaki was what bought us all together.

Remind me to bump the Yamaki 5th year anniversary thread to the top later. <3
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09 June 2010 @ 11:24 pm
What's this? I'm still alive? My mother hasn't killed me yet? haha, just kidding. It's been a while, I know. Life kicked me in the face and fandom fell off but I guess I'm kinda back...for now?

So...If any of you still follow the Yamaki Forums, Ran, myself and Junko and a few others decided to start an anniversary project for the fandom/forum!! It's a good way to bring back the fandom to life and to celebrate five wonderful years with the forums, members and admins! Oh and of course our dear idols we still so adore, Yamashita Tomohisa and Horikita Maki.

More information can be found here: Yamaki forum 5 year anniversary project

I know I'm crazy, but man, I really really miss this fandom and thought this is the best way to make an awesome comeback. So come join the fun if you still love these two crazy kids, or heck...if you only love one of them, just join for the fun!

We're going to start a trend on twitter, create graphics, art, fanfics, short stories about how we came upon the fandom, etc.

You can post your input for any other ideas.

It's a start for a new beginning, don't you think?

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03 March 2010 @ 08:37 pm

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17 February 2010 @ 12:19 am
Whoa DANG! It's been freakin' forever. I was, I guess unofficially on a hiatus? Well, I'm hoping to make a comeback with horrid fics and artwork and fangirlism and whining wank. Woot.

So, as of now, life is great, minus the part where I found out that I skyrocketed the phone/texting bill to about $60 worth of data...Yeah, so no texting for a while. Onii-san got super pissed when he saw the bill. Gotta talk to him tomorrow bout it later...But seriously? $60!!?? What the hell was I doing? lol, I gotta tone down the texting for a while...

But overall, life is great, cuz I have awesome BFFs in my life and a BF who treats me like a princess, XDD.

So...lately, JE is getting boring and I'm totally in love with Tae Yang from Big Bang. Been listening to his Wedding dress song a kabillion times to the point where I start hearing references to food. If you listen carefully, after the part where he sings "You should be my lady" you can hear him say "ORANGE CHICKEN" right afterwards. Yeah pandapirate89 knows what I'm talking bout.

Tae Yang is coming out with a brand new solo album sometime late 2010 and I am so pre-ordering it first thing it comes out on YesAsia.

Speaking of YesAsia...I just pre-ordered NEWS' new album "Sakura girl" for me, pandapirate89 and missiemae and two of DBSK's most recent albums. WOOT. YesAsia, satisfaction guaranteed!

DRAMA shit:
Tokojo Kabuchi - It's alright, I only watch it for Sho, maki, their interaction and the exagurated comedy. I don't get why the ratings are not as good as I thought it should be, because hello, "SHO-CHAN"? I guess lawyer shows don't appeal as much as those bleh...Doctor shows...>_>;

I also want to really watch Kim So Eun's new drama, she looks so adorable in it, but I haven't had the time to watch it, nor the time to bother looking up the title of it...Something about smiling and wind?

Yeah, all I can say right now...is so many things to do so little time...>_<;

K, end of post. I'm alive, kthnxbai.
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19 November 2009 @ 05:19 pm
Well, as you can see, the link to the rest of this post is typed in all caps locks, BUT, that, I cannot control. it's part of the layout I got from the original author who coded it. >_>; I didn't notice it until now...

Yeah, yeah, I know, sometimes you need to do it to get someone's attention, but I still can't stand the look of it, even if it's unintentional.Collapse )
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28 October 2009 @ 12:02 am
Never mind the title. HEROES is just awesome, and so is Hiro, my favorite little Japanese man. Honestly, he's the perfect man, to marry, hehe. Oh yes, I'd betray any other guy for Masi Oka. He's awesome and adorable, but that's beside the point of this entry...

Oh. Mai. Gai. It's been like seven weeks since I last updated. Well, I'm not dead, just been...oh so busy with life, work and tons of homework piling on the side. Oh procrastination, how you love to play with me. It's so bad, that I'm going to tell you about what I have been doing tomorrow...just kidding.

Anyway, lately I've just been lurking here and there, keeping up with fandom but never commenting...I'm whatchamacallit, a stalking LJ freak who stalks journals, reads and then leaves. I'm such a jerk like that, being such a bad LJ-friend and not replying back to comments. I'm SORRY.

You guys know that I love you and the f-list, because well, I JUST DO. I adore all the friends I made here on LJ, Yamaki addict and Crunchyroll...even Deviantart.

I do miss everyone. I miss Mae-mae, but unfortunately, her laptop's broken, so she's withering away, with no update on fandom...I'm trying my best to keep her up on the line.

So...no inspiration has come for fic, art or anything relative to fandom. I start on something but never EVER get to finish it. I'm ummm...currently hooked on playing video games at the moment. Being nostalgic and playing some old school stuff.

Fandom-wise, I've been keeping up with "YOU'RE BEAUTIFUL" and here comes the fangirlism. I AM IN LOVE WITH THE DRAMA. It's my summer korean version of Hana-kimi. Jeremy/Kang on Yu. All I see is a mixture of Akira and Nakatsu, but umm...dumber.

MY FAVORITE, Shin woo. Damnit, why do they always make the nice ones never get the girl? Shin Woo. That man. Wow. He's just amazing. Last episode was adorable but sad at the same time. My BFF and I were literally yelling at her laptop, ahaha...

Now, on to Japanese-fandom...I'm still the big retarded Yamapi fangirl. Just listened to his "Loveless" song the other day and it's beautiful. The style kind of resemble's Jin's music, but maybe that's just me. It's nice to hear. My Arashi-biased BFF actually likes it, so yay on that.

And since I'm such a loser, I actually learned the first few chords of the piano part in the beginning. yeah...

On to my favorite actresses. Maki is pretty as always, being her cute self and being just so damn awesome. I'm not into the whole family type dramas, but since MatsuJun is in it as well, I might give it a chance. All I want really is her movie with MatsuKen and Tego-nyan to come out!! Like. NOW.

Meisa, the BFF, is just so hawt. and I mean hawt. And man. "Assault girls" looks KICKING. Meisa looks so bad-ass. I'm glad she got the part, but poor Erika. Oh well, what's done is done. Which reminds me...I still need to watch "Subaru"...

Ok, I'll stop here before the entry gets any longer and wasting up space of your friend's list window...or whatever you call it.

I'm working on them, the art pieces and fic I owe. I'm working as hard and fast as I can. ILU F-LIST.
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04 September 2009 @ 02:19 pm
Just want to wish calledinvain and cynicalism a belated happy happy Birthday! HAPPY B-day!! <3

More drabbles from Chibi wonderland [1/?]

This time, I have a whole bunch of drabbles to give to you. I have a whole lot for you to read so, if you're bored or just wanna see how much I did NOT improve in my writing, here's the post.

JE-Chibi cuteness AU [2/?]

Title: Play date [Kame/Meisa] for calledinvain and cynicalism
Words: 345
Warning: OOC, failed attempt at cute fluffiness. I'M SORRY, IT'S LAME.</b>

Kame won’t share it, not with mommy and definitely not with that girl he was supposed to play with.Collapse )

Title: Chalkboard [Kurosaki/Tsurara] for missiemae and redsn0wflakes
Words: 403
Warning: OOC, failed attempt at cute fluffiness</b>

He nods tentatively before he finds himself writing, actually writing something...Collapse )

Title:Cotton candy [Ji Yang/GaEul~Kim Bum/Kim so Eun] aabass89 and missjade
Words: 466

He has a sweet tooth the size of an elephant and if anything, he’ll have everything on the menu...Collapse )

Title: The Princess and the Hero [Yamapi/Maki/Jin] For catslove17
Words: 196
Warning: OOC, failed attempt at cute fluffiness.

He wanted to be super Saiyan Goku and she wanted to be Princess Serenity.Collapse )

Ok, that was long. Now I'm off to finish replying to all those comments you all left me so long ago. Sorry. m(-_-)m
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15 August 2009 @ 09:05 pm
I'm back!! Oh how I miss my room and my beautiful dual-monitor desktop...

And of course, I miss you, f-list. I went through soooo many pages of updates, it's not even funny. Firefox was getting so many tabs that it slowed down my computer...yeah, I'm just that lazy to open up a new window...

Anyway...I'm home now, so I'll be doing a lot of catching up. Cancun was fun and I took many pictures, so I'll have them up soon-ishly...

Also want to say a birthday shout out to a sweetheart,

HAPPY BIRTHDAY kouzumifan!!!!!

Now, on to other things...Remember the challenge from my last post? Well...here are the actual answers:

CLICKIE for answers...Collapse )
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